Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals Inc

Non-native and Domestic animals

All non-native and domestic animals are not able to be supported by RRANA under our native wildlife rescue and rehabilitation licence.

Is it a non-native or domestic animal?

  • If the animal is a domestic pet such as a dog or cat, we suggest contacting a local vet or the NSW RSPCA.
  • If it is a farm animal such as a horse, cow or sheep, try contacting the local council or a nearby property.
  • You can also try calling the police (if you can't get through to council) but remember this may not be a priority for the police force. However, they may be able to refer you to an appropriate number to call.
  • If it is a native animal, or you are unsure, proceed to Contact a wildlife rescuer.


Wildlife Emergencies: 1300 094 737 WIRES support personel may be able to direct you to the appropriate rescuer.

Report a Cruelty Case: 1300 278 3589 NSW RSPCA contact number (if applicable).

Non-native animals NSW DPI - Non-native animals (reporting and biosecurity risks)