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Build a wildlife drinking station


During an emergency, such as during prolonged drought or after fire, some native animals may need short term help.

Although not injured, they may be distressed and in need of water until their natural environment recovers.

You can help native animals by giving them a supply of fresh, clean water.

How to implement:

  • put containers or water dispensers in the shade
  • put at a range of heights including in trees
  • use strong containers to avoid collapse
  • provide ingress and egress with a stable rock or stick to give safe access in and out of the water for birds and reptiles
  • place on / secure to, a firm surface so they don't tip if a heavy animal tries to use it
  • select a cleared area with shade to allow nervous wildlife to watch out for predators and keep cool
  • clean the drinking station regulary to avoid, disease transference between your appreciative sippers

An easy wildlife drinking station that does not require cleaning every day or two is a wildlife watering pod:

download the brouchure

for other types of drinking stations:

download the brouchure

For more information on helping wildlife in emergencies visit the NSW Environment page:

NSW Wildlife Help