Rescue and Rehabilitation of Australian Native Animals Inc

Important Update

It is with deep sadness we announce that after over 30 years of voluntary service to the Community RRANA is coming to an end.
Like so many charity groups, we have found it difficult to attract the quantity of new members required to share the ever-increasing workload.
We ask the public to understand that this has been a difficult decision for our members. It is extremely distressing to have to walk away however as of 1st March we will not be in a position to assist with sick, injured or orphaned wildlife, so please do not contact our members directly.
The RRANA phone will be disconnected on 1st March 2024.
In the absence of a voluntary native wildlife rescue group, it becomes the responsibility of NPWS to fill the void. Their number is (08) 8084 2880 as listed in the header of this website.
All calls must be directed to NPWS. Please contact them so that they are aware of the number of animals in the area that need help.
Our members wish to thank the Broken Hill public for their support and generosity over the years.
Thank you,
The RRANA team 💜


Amazing Tawny Frogmouth

A brilliant ending to the day (06/07/2023). This amazing tawny frogmouth was found on the side of a busy road today and handed to a local vet service. After being medically cleared he came home and saw the rest of the day in a darkened crate on a toasty warm heat pad.

In the evening, after having a feed, we decided to test flight him and he flew. What a release we experienced!

This is the highlights we love as wildlife carers ❤️❤️


tawny-300x240.jpg Going....
tawny-300x300.jpg Going....
tawny-300x430.jpg Gone!

Check out the video of the release on our facebook post